Monday, March 31, 2008

Tuition costs for Graduate Program finally released

For those interested in the fledgling graduate program at UVU the website most be a disappointment. Details are few and far between, and most links send you right back to the UVSC site. It was there we found this:

Graduate Tuition PDF

Of course we still don't know things like how many credit hours are required, or the names of any of the courses.

Unattended candle may have caused apartment fire at College Terrace

Ask apartment managers in the greater Provo-Orem area what their greatest fear is and most will tell you it isn't keggers or panty raids--it is the dreaded scented candle. While college housing supers elsewhere are cleaning up puke and doobies, local apartment managers are cutting candle wax out of carpets. And every now and then they have an even bigger headache--fires.

Fire breaks out at College Terrace Apartments (Daily Herald, March 31 2008)

Next time, reach for the Febreeze.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Thinking of Sam

The Pipeline just heard the news that dean of Sciences and Health Sam Rushforth is undergoing emergency heart surgery this morning. Sam is one of the reasons why UVSC is a special place...we wish him all the best.

UPDATE: The Pipeline ran into Nancy Rushforth on campus and she says Sam is recovering nicely.

Adjuncts to get slight pay raise

Hey UVSC adjuncts...what are you gonna do with your extra $98!

Adjunct instructors get a pay raise
(Salt Lake Tribune, March 25 2008)

In the past UVSC has relied heavily on adjunct instructors. The school now hopes to reduce the total number of classes taught by adjuncts to less than 50 percent.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Alex Caldiero Charity Event

Sunday, March 23, 2008

UVSC's main artery to get an overhaul

University Parkway is the busiest intersection in Utah County, and it is also one of the roads in the state. Students heading to classes at UVSC have to negotiate a minefield of potholes. Starting in May UDOT will be working on University Parkway from Geneva Road to 400 West.

University Parkway in Orem getting Band-Aid (Deseret Morning News, March 19 2008)

Not mentioned in this article is the fact that around the same time UDOT will start operating the newly installed ramp meters on the Northbound ramp. Road work coupled with with drivers adjusting to flow halting meters could spell trouble for UVSC's main entrance, even with lighter Spring traffic.

Regents give final approval to UVU's first graduate degree program

Though there was never much doubt, it has finally been made official. Utah's Board of Regents have approved UVU's very first graduate program. Starting this fall students wanting a Master's in Education have a new choice.

UVSC moves by leaps and bounds toward university status (Salt Lake Tribune, March 23 2008

Regents OK master's for UVSC (Daily Herald, March 23 2008)

UVSC gets OK for first master's (Daily Herald, March 23 2008)

This first year the education master's program will only accept anywhere from 20-30 students.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Big Bill named CEO of the year

Folks who fear the continuing corporatization of public education have more fuel for the fire now that UVSC president Bill Sederburg has been named one of eight recipients of Utah Business Magazine's CEO of the year.

Business magazine honors UVSC chief (Deseret Morning News, March 21 2008)

Has anyone else noticed an increased corporate presence on campus, like the billboard for Brent Brown or the cars from Kent Garff?

UV-Uphoria just might be the lamest event ever conceived by man

Do you ever get the feeling that this whole move to university status has little to do with students and everything to do with sucking up to the community that surrounds us? Come July 1st the "university" experience for most students will be imperceptible from their good old college days. And yet all kinds of money and effort is being put into making Utah Valley residents aware of the transition.

Exhibit A in all of this is the two-day UV-Uphoria Celebration.

Country stars Raye, Nichols to headline UVSC celebration (Daily Herald, March 20 2008)

Country stars to help usher in UVU
Raye, Gracin, Nichols booked in celebration of university status
(Deseret Morning News, March 20 2008)

Go all of the details of this event and ask yourself, "Would any student in their right mind want to go to this thing?" Country music? Face-painting? Johnny B? This sounds like Onion Days in Spanish Fork!

Of course VP of Advancement Val Hale acknowledges that he wanted "[A] good family show." He also mentions that there will be a "rock" concert for students in April, more than two months before the transition occurs. No word yet on what bands have been signed for the show--but if the country stars are any indication--expect mediocrity.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

UVSC finishing up Habitat for Humanity project

Students from UVSC are putting the finishing touches as they build a home for Habitat for Humanity. In addition to providing an affordable home to a needy family the nine-month project has also serves as a working lab for UVSC construction students.

UVSC students work on community home
(Daily Herald, March 19 2008)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Will UV-Uphoria compete with Stadium of Fire

The Des News ran a story today about UV-Uphoria (the big event celebrating the official transition to Utah Valley University) and how it might conflict with BYU's perennial powerhouse Stadium of Fire.

Utah Valley's big enough for 2 shows
UVSC fireworks 4 days before Stadium of Fire
(Deseret Morning News, March 18 2008)

When I imagined the two-day festivities marking UVSC's right of passage into univeristyhood, I thought there was going to be a lot of chanting, incense burning, and blood sacrifice. Turns out it is going to be a bunch of Country music (provided by "recognizable names" says Val hale), and a fireworks display that can only be described as "(not) on the scale of Stadium of Fire" by Freedom Festival organizer Paul Warner. Sounds like a rockin' good time!

Pity...I really could have used a crazy orgy of bacchanal proportions this summer. Maybe we should hold our own. Start pouring the libations!

Utah's 2008 Election: The candidates

The Daily Herald has provided a comprehensive list of the candidates vying for positions in the upcoming election in Utah.

Candidates who filed for Office (Daily Herald, March 18 2008)

In the coming months The Pipeline will be taking a look at some of these folks and how this election might affect UVU.

Monday, March 17, 2008

The 5 things UVSC should do to really become a university

While the big transition from UVSC to UVU is just a few months away, one wonders if the name change will really transform the school. Here are The Pipeline's top five things we think the school could (and should) do to really become a university:

1. Live up to Global Engagement promise: With such a high percentage of returned LDS missionaries, UVU has one of the most bilingual college populations in the country. UVU should capitalize on this advantage by making foreign languages part of the core curriculum. Every student graduating from UVU should be encouraged to be proficient in another language.

But how do you get students to enroll in these time intensive classes? At BYU students can use language credits to satisfy math requirements. Imagine how many students would take 12 credits of a language in order to avoid passing Math 1050.

2. Tell Trades to go green or go home: This is an idea that The Pipeline has suggested before, so for full details click here. But basically we need to exercise some tough love when it comes to our trades program. With the MATC across the street already providing nearly redundant trades offerings, UVU should focus on programs that are worthy of the university name. Other schools have adapted to the burgeoning Green economy and are training their students to lead the way when it comes to responsible and sustainable construction and green automobile technology. Let the trades schools take care of traditional trades programming, UVU should be doing the work of a university and be pushing the limits of green research and development.

3. Do something amazing with the Wasatch Campus: UVU's Wasatch Campus in Heber City has been serving the surrounding community for a few years now. But most people would agree that enrollments have been disappointing. UVU should take advantage of the campus's unique location and turn the Wasatch Campus into a world renowned destination. Minutes from some of the world's best outdoor areas the Wasatch Campus could provide outstanding programming that students from all over the world would pay top dollar for. Hospitality management, recreation management, or even a top notch film school (with Sundance just down the road) would thrive in the location. It would take vision, and a lot of money, but it could very well put UVU on the map. Otherwise that special location will continue to languish.

4. When it comes to academics, focus on what you do best: There has been a lot of speculation as to what kind of graduate programs the newly minted University should offer. As many of you know, a graduate program in education begins this fall with advanced degrees in nursing and business to follow. These three areas will certainly address current market demands and will most likely be successful and valuable programs.

But UVU should also study some of the school's more unique undergraduate programs and look for ways to develop new highly specialized master's programs that focus on practicality and shy way from heavy research. We think the aviation department's unique position as one of the best online flight programs in the country could be a springboard for a unique graduate program that takes advantage of that web positioning. UVU also has one of the largest deaf populations outside of Gallaudet. This unique position could be a selling point when attracting students interested in furthering deaf studies at UVU. UVU also has an extremely high percentage of LDS students for a state school. Having that resource along with good academic freedom policies would provide an excellent environment for Mormon Cultural Studies. Why should Claremont University lead the Mormon academic movement?

5. Respect the past, Restore The Bunnell Pioneer Home We couldn't help sneaking this one in, as it is a pet project of The Pipeline. To learn more about efforts to reclaim and restore one of the campus's hidden treasures click here. No university is complete without a little culture, and we think transforming this 115-year-old farmhouse into a working student cafe will help UVU establish an identity and foster creative work and discussion.

So there it is. Five suggestions that would really help UVU earn the title of university. Please tell us what you think of our ideas? What do you think UVU needs?

Friday, March 14, 2008

Big Surprise! Tuition and Fees to increase again

UVSC's Board of Trustees voted unanimously to approve a 6.3 percent tuition increase for the upcoming 2008-2009 school year year, along with an $18 increase in student fees.

Students at UVU to pay $188 more per year (Deseret Morning News, March 14 2008)

In other words a 12 credit semester (with student fees) at UVU will run in-state students $1876. For non-residents a semester will set you back $5757.

Costs for UVU's new graduate program will have also been released. Those entering the school's masters of education program will be paying $179 per credit hour.

As other public colleges approve their increases (and there are always increases) The Pipeline will make a comprehensive comparison of what a college education goes for in the Beehive State.

Huntsman to speak at last UVSC graduation

Utah governor Jon Huntsman Jr. will speak at UVSC's graduation this April, which will be the college's last graduation under that name.

Governor to speak at UVSC's commencement (Deseret Morning News, March 14 2008)

The governor, along with United Way of Utah County president Bill Hulterstrom and president of the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce Lane Beattie, will receive honorary degrees from UVSC. And after July 1st they can turn in their crappy UVSC honorary degrees for swank UVU honorary degrees.

UVSC offers a diploma upgrade (Deseret Morning News, March 9 2008)

Monday, March 10, 2008

Students encouraged to give up the green

The opening of the new Digital Learning Center is just a few months away and UVSC is asking students to pitch in to help pay for the building. With the "Giving of The Green" campaign UVSC's alumni association is hoping students will plunk down $50 of their hard-borrowed cash to get their names etched on a plaque outside the DLC.

UVSC Launches Student "Giving of the Green" Campaign (Campus Press Release)

Friday, March 7, 2008

UVSC prof announces bid for state legislature

Boyd Peterson has been an important figure around UVSC campus for several years now. His introspective scholarship in Mormon Cultural Studies has inspired many students and faculty to examine faith in a greater context.

Nowadays Peterson splits his time teaching at UVSC and BYU and is still very active in the Mormon Studies scene, most recently taking the reins of UVSC's annual Mormon Studies conference.

But on top of all that he is now running as a socially conservative Democrat for the District 64 seat in state legislature. He will be facing incumbent Becky Lockhart in a no doubt up-hill climb in perennially Republican Utah County.

Candidate promises to restore sanity (Deseret Morning News, February 7 2008)

Smokeless campus: Will USU's recent vote inspire UVU to ban tobacco

Student Government leaders at Utah State University have recently voted to ban smoking and all tobacco products on campus. If administrators approve the ban USU will join another hundred or so smokeless college campuses in the nation.

USU tries to snuff out campus smoking (The Daily Herald, February 7 2008

If the ban does indeed pass muster with the administration don't be surprised if other campuses in the state consider the move. And with UVSC having the highest percentage of LDS students of any public college in the world a tobacco ban seems to make a lot of sense.

Will there be a fight with the more liberal elements on campus if such a ban was considered by student government at UVSC? No doubt. If student leaders act unilaterally (like USU did) by not asking for a student referendum you could bet there will be a fierce battle. But those same liberal elements might not want to have it put to a full school vote, because there is little doubt that a tobacco ban would be approved by the majority.

And if such a ban was approved at UVSC you could count on Campus Police enforcing the letter of the law with all due diligence.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Third annual Dialogue on Peace and Justice Studies this week

UVSC's Peace and Justice Studies program will be hosting its third annual conference this week. This year's focus is on Nuclear Weapons.

The program recently added a minor and info about courses and the conference itself can be found on its website.

What do we call this crazy thing?

As you are no doubt aware, UVSC will be changing to UVU in less than four months and already folks around campus are feeling the growing pains. The big question on everyone's mind is what do we call the campus in the interim. Nothing is official until July 1st of course, but you may have noticed a number of on-campus entities are already using the new UVU logos on everything from posters to bus ads.

We can say with some certainty that for the next few years folks will still call the school UVSC. It took a while for UVSC to catch on when it switched from UVCC. What we hope happens is that people don't freak out about this. There is nothing worse than getting corrected by someone saying "Uh, actually it is called UVU now".

UVSC or UVU...does it really matter all that much? Slowly people will refer to it as Utah Valley University. Actually we kinda hope that "The V" catches on. Salt Lake has "The U" and Provo has The Y" so why can't Orem have "The V"?

In the meantime, to all you branding police (deputized by college marketing or otherwise), it is fine to be vigilant on the usage of new logos and colors and whatnot. But when it comes to casual conversation, let UVSC slip by unchecked. Let's be the laid back university that doesn't care what you call it...just keep the funding coming.

Man charged with Doleszar murder in court

Eugene Christopher Wright, the man accused with murdering UVSC Hockey coach Ken Doleszar late last year, had his first court appearance on Monday. Wright's charges were formally read into the record and the suspect, who was arrested last Thursday, indicated that he had retained attorney Ed Brass to defend him. Wright remains in jail and his $2.5 million bail remains unchanged.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

UVSC February Police Beat

Each month The Pipeline will publish the UVSC Police Department's response record for the previous month. You can find an archive of the police beat at

February 4th- CRIMINAL MISCHIEF- A female student reported air being let out of the tires on her car after she had parked and gone to class. The victim reported that she may have accidentally cut someone off on her way into the parking lot and felt it was retaliation.

February 6th- MEDICAL- A 30 year old female slipped on a ice covered trail near parking lot N and injured her ankle. She was transported by ambulance to a local hospital for further treatment.

February 6th- TRAFFIC ACCIDENT- There was a traffic accident with minor damage on College Drive near the Computer Science building.

February 7th- MEDICAL- A 55 year old female was transported by ambulance after feeling dizzy while at the Education Building.

February 12th- MEDICAL- A 20 year old female suffered a head injury during soccer practice and was transported by ambulance to a local hospital for treatment.

February 14th- RETAIL THEFT- A 26 year old male student was issued a citation for Retail Theft after he was observed using a free water cup and filling it with soda from the food court. The student will is scheduled for a court appearance March 17, 2008.

February 26th- AGENCY ASSIST- A UVSC Officer initiated a traffic stop on a suspected vehicle that was wanted for DUI by Orem Police Department. The 23 year old driver, Christopher M Nielsen, of Salt Lake City was arrested for Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Possession of Marijuana in a Drug Free Zone.

Suspect arrested in Dolezsar Murder

Last week Salt Lake police arrested Eugene Wright in connection with the murder of UVSC hockey assistant coach Ken Dolezsar.

Arrest made in Dolezsar murder (Daily Herald, February 29 2008)

While DNA testing results are still on the way, police seem confident that they have their man. Of course more details are forthcoming.

In the meantime, UVSC's hockey team finished off their season by knocking down crosstown rivals BYU 7-3.