Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A new name...that is all I am commiting to right now

Yeah...so I switched the name of the UVSC Pipeline to the UVU Pipeline. That is not to say that I am jumping back into the blogging game. Recently I have noticed that the college marketing department has done such a fine job telling everyone that UVSC is now UVU that folks just don't even search the old name anymore. And it would be a damn shame if folks interested in UVU news, no matter how outdated it was, missed out on finding the Pipeline.

So for now at least I'll keep the old banner up and everything will pretty much just stay the same. But with all the crazy stuff happening around campus right now it might be hard for me to stay quiet for long.

On a personal note I have recently changed positions, moving from The Woodbury Art Museum to the brand new School of the Arts. I had been at the museum for nearly 2 and half years, and while I really enjoyed my time there, it was time for a change. I have been at SOA for less than a week and I can already tell that I made the right decision.

Also, the wife and I are the Resident leaders for the new Honors residential cohort at UVU.

So on the eve of a new semester, the first as a new university, I wish you all luck.