Friday, March 7, 2008

UVSC prof announces bid for state legislature

Boyd Peterson has been an important figure around UVSC campus for several years now. His introspective scholarship in Mormon Cultural Studies has inspired many students and faculty to examine faith in a greater context.

Nowadays Peterson splits his time teaching at UVSC and BYU and is still very active in the Mormon Studies scene, most recently taking the reins of UVSC's annual Mormon Studies conference.

But on top of all that he is now running as a socially conservative Democrat for the District 64 seat in state legislature. He will be facing incumbent Becky Lockhart in a no doubt up-hill climb in perennially Republican Utah County.

Candidate promises to restore sanity (Deseret Morning News, February 7 2008)


Anonymous said...

Great article---and cool too because he was a professor of mine once. One note however: he hates in when people spell his name "Peterson." "Petersen" with the "en" ending is correct I believe. Thanks!

Vegor said...

Can't believe I did that...especially because my last name is spelled with a "sen" as well, and I know how much it bothers me when folks turn me into a damn Swede by spelling it "son".