Saturday, December 22, 2007

New Drawing of proposed Performing Arts Center

For the past year or so The Pipeline has been hearing rumors about the proposed Performing Arts Center (or Center for the Performing Arts...or Center for the Visual and Performing Arts...or The Arts Center for Performing Visuals...or whatever). But up until now it has been just talk...with not much to look at. But now Kinateder, "Utah's finest architectural illustration company" has released this:

Pretty cool looking. The question is will it ever get built. Chances are you won't see much in the way of state funding. This project isn't like the much-needed Digital Learning Center and we don't predict the legislature will be salivating over it.

But perhaps the school could scare up some serious donations from local deep pockets. The Arts center has been on the master plan for decades and many on campus see the building as their pet project.

At the top of that list is Kathie Debenham. Debenham ran UVSC's dance department for years and has been serving as an associate dean in the School of HASS. But with Dean Bill Cobb stepping down sooner than expected she has been named the interim dean (no doubt while the school conducts a national search for Cobb's replacement).

Debenham's promotion, no matter how temporary, comes at a critical junction as many on the campus consider the possibilities of splitting up the hulking school of HASS. Plans were on the table for creating a new school of the Arts with the departments of Dance, Theater, Art and Visual Communication, and Music on board. But at the recent HASS PBA (planning, budgeting, and accountability) meeting most in attendance got the impression that President Bill Sederburg wasn't sold on the idea of a split.

If a split did occur it might mean a greater push for a performing arts center. Like always, the college faces serious space issues. The DLC's nearly 200,000 square feet filled up quickly...and many administrators are licking their chops for more.

An arts center would pull Dance out of the Liberal Arts Building and rescue the other departments from Gunther Trades obscurity. There is even talk of bringing the Woodbury Art Museum from its current location at the University Mall and putting it in the new center.

The building is planned to be placed just north of the McKay Events Center. Yes, that means more parking spots will be sacrificed in the name of progress...but who didn't see that coming? If the performing arts center does end up there it might make the soon to be completed Lakeview Room at the DLC seem a little silly, as it will most likely block any view of the lake.

This drawing also most likely kills one rumor that circulated a few months ago. At a planning meeting over the summer local boy wonder Brandt Anderson suggested that it might be possible to get architecture legend Frank Gehry interested in the project. Gehry is currently producing Anderson's Traverse Mountain project at the Point of the Mountain. Of course that sent a million tongues a waggin' but we never heard another thing about it. The Kinateder site doesn't mention which architectural firm has drawn up this design...but considering Sederburg's relationship with Jacob Alspector (which stretches back to Big Bill's time at Ferris State in Michigan) we wouldn't be surprised if the New York based architect was involved.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

SUU has some balls...wants to see student's

When Southern Utah University isn't "allegedly "pilfering dance costumes, they sometimes like to play a fun game of Show Us Your Genitals.

SUU: Student must prove gender
Kourt Osborn, who is in transgender treatment, is denied a dorm room
(Salt Lake Tribune, December 19 2007)

You can be sure that UVSC administrators are counting their lucky stars that they aren't dealing with this mess. No dorms, no headaches.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Univeristy of Utah president "unapologetic" about tuition

Sunday's Tribune featured a scathing article on how top administrators at the University of Utah are cashing big checks while professors get incremental raises, and tuition soars.

Costs rise, U.'s elite get richer
Tuition has skyrocketed, profs see meager raises - but administrators' salaries grow leaps and bounds
(Salt Lake Tribune, December 16 2007)

But one of the most interesting statements came from U president Michael Young:
"I'm absolutely unapologetic about the cost of tuition. It should be three times as high for the quality of education here."

In other can count on more tuition raises.

For those who might be interested in how UVSC salaries stack up head here

Saturday, December 1, 2007

UVSC November Police Beat

Each month The Pipeline will publish the UVSC Police Department's response record for the previous month. You can find an archive of the police beat at

November 1st- MEDICAL- A 29 year old female was transported by ambulance to a local hospital for a unknown medical problem after she was found wandering on foot in the middle of North College Drive.

November 1st- MEDICAL- A 18 year old female was transported by ambulance after suffering what appeared to be a seizure while attending a class in the Sparks Automotive building.

November 2nd- TRAFFIC ACCIDENT- Two vehicles were involved in a traffic accident in the roundabout.

November 3rd- AGENCY ASSIST-UVSC Police responded to 1026 S Main to assist Orem Police with a Domestic Dispute.

November 3rd- POSSESSION STOLEN PROPERTY- A traffic stop was initiated on a vehicle near the roundabout when a Officer observed property belonging to BYU Police in the back of the vehicle. All of the occupants were issued citations for possession of stolen property. BYU Police responded and recovered the property.

November 4th- AGENCY ASSIST-UVSC Police responded to Walmart on a report of a drunk driver. Officers located the suspect vehicle in the parking lot but where unable to locate the driver.

November 4th- AGENCY ASSIST-A UVSC Officer responded to 1100 S 50 E to assist Orem Police with taking a combative suspect into custody.

November 5th- THEFT- A cell phone was stolen from the Computer Science building.

November 6th- DISORDERLY CONDUCT- Officers responded to a report of a suspicious male harassing female students. The suspect had left the area prior to the officers arrival.

November 6th- THEFT- A cell phone was stolen from a computer lab.

November 7th- AGENCY ASSIST-UVSC Police responded to 1527 S. 430 W. to assist Orem Police with recovering stolen property.

November 13th- SMOKE INVESTIGATION-UVSC Police along with Orem Fire Department responded to the National Guard building on a report of the smell of smoke. The investigation determined the smoke odor to be from a fire at a peat moss farm.

November 20th- MEDICAL- A adult female suffered a asthma attack while attending school at the MATC. She was treated on scene by Orem Paramedics and released to her husband.