Thursday, August 30, 2007

New play a first for UVSC's theater department

A new play by award-winning student playwright Mahonri Stewart will open next week, and it represents a new era for the Theater Arts department.

'Rings of the Tree' at UVSC (Deseret Morning News, August 30 2007)

Rings of Trees is the first senior project approved by the department. As the performing arts at UVSC continue to grow, look for more student productions in the works.

Here is the info if you are interested in attending:

Blackbox Theater, Gunther Trades Building, Room 631, UVSC Orem Campus

7:30 p.m., Sept. 6-8; 2 p.m. Sept. 8

Cost is $5

Thursday, August 23, 2007

UVSC to host concert to benefit Crandall Canyon families

For the past three weeks the biggest news in the state has been the 6 trapped miners at the Crandall Canyon mine outside Huntington, UT. UVSC's student government has stepped up to offer support in the form of a concert, with all proceeds going to directly to the victims' families.

Benefit Concert for Families Affected by Mine Disaster (UVSC Press Release)

First day of Fall Semester

UVSC's Fall Semester started Wednesday, and despite booming enrollment it looks like the kinks that have plagued the back-to-campus rush have been ironed out. Lines seemed shorter and no major outages for the school's UVLink computer system. All in all a good beginning to the last year as UVSC.

UVSC's final fall semester begins (Daily Herald, August 23 2007)

But the big story here just might be enrollment. Right now the school is running a nearly 7 percent increase compared to the numbers posted at this time last year. Of course the final fall numbers won't be posted for another 3 weeks, so look for that big percentage to drop each day until then. The Pipeline spoke with an administrator on Wednesday who said they are predicting about a 2 percent increase when all is said and done. Compared to most other schools in the state this year that is huge.

The total head count numbers will be helped considerably when the high schools start turning in their concurrent enrollment data at the beginning of September. Concurrent enrollment might he

The other impressive number this year is the Full Time Equivalent, which as of today sits at 15,448. As we all know the FTE calculates the number of students that are taking a full load, and it is the number that actually means something (the one used by the state to calculate funding). In fact the FTE for this year is already 98.6 percent of Fall '05 numbers, with just 93.4 percent of the headcount. That means students are taking more credits. More FTE means more funding, and hopefully more eventual graduates.

In fact, according to the most recent fact book put out by UVSC's Institutional Research office, the number of juniors and seniors has steadily risen over the past 5 years. Thats a sure sign that students are staying put, which might be the reason why headcount and FTE numbers are on the rise.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Something stinks across the I15: MATC scandal blows up

For the past week or so there has been some quiet articles bouncing around the local papes concerning possible fiscal wrongdoing at the Mountainlands Applied Technology Center. But now it seems that where there was smoke a fire has been found, and that means Utah College of Applied Technology president Rob Brems, and MATC president Clay Christensen have some 'splaining to do.

UPDATE: Audit shows MATC officials broke laws (Daily Herald, August 22 2007)

Audit alleges illegal use of funds, cover-up by college presidents (Salt Lake Tribune, August 22 2007)

Other than the proximity of the two campuses, there isn't much of a UVSC connection here. The State Auditor found that some of the money Brem had received as part of a compensation package when he left MATC to run UCAT had been put into an endowment that his dependents used at UVSC.

But it should serve as a reminder to administrators need to operate above reproach. And favors to powerful folks like the Utah Republican Party will not go unnoticed.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

UVSC Athletics latest attempt at manufacturing tradition

No doubt students returning to classes tomorrow will be assailed by the numerous hawkers, haranguers, and pitchmen that roam the halls. And once again UVSC Athletics will cry out a desperate plea for attention. And this time there total lack of relevance on the commuter campus will be called "The Unknown Zone".

Now we are not too sure why fans would want to be part of "The Unknown Zone", but what really causes us to scratch our heads is the fact that they will now have to pay for the privilege to root, root, root for the home team.

Fishing for fans (College Times, August 20 2007)

That's right, instead of students not showing up to a free game they will now pay 20 bucks for an all sports pass, and then not show up.

This is hardly the first time that Athletic Director Mike Jacobsen and his crew of flunkies have tried desperately to stay relevant at a school that just doesn't seem to care at all about athletics. It seems every year since the big move to Division I provisional status, the department comes up with some new scheme to pack the McKay. But despite pizza give-aways, free admission with student ID, and the exciting play of Ronnie Price, attendance was better when playing at the junior college level.

But this latest example of ill-conceived public relations may not be completely Athletics fault. For the past 5 years Student Government has shoveled tons student fee dollars onto the sinking ship that is UVSC Athletics. They have invested millions in Athletics, and with time running out on the provisional clock, they now are doing all they can to bail them out.

Will it work? Will students pay for something they never took advantage of when it was free? When will student government and the administration realize that the school might be best served when Athletics goes the way of the Dodo?

Monday, August 20, 2007

Events for Week of Welcome

From the UV Announce Board:

August 22 - August 24
UVSC Courtyard and McKay Event Center

Week of Welcome 2007
Aug. 22-24

Aug. 22
11:00 AM
UVSC Courtyard
Band performance
FREE popsicles, popcorn, volleyball

Aug. 23
11:00 AM
UVSC Courtyard
$2 BBQ - What a deal!!(includes hamburger/hot dog, chips, and drink)
9:00 PM
UVSC Courtyard
Outdoor Movie Night
Oceans 13
$1 - Bring pillows and blankets!

Aug. 24
UVSC Student Center
FREE popcorn, cotton candy
9:00 PM
McKay Events Center
$5 w/UV ID, $6 w/out
Check out the New VIP Section!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Utah schools slip in rankings

Every year US News and World Report puts out their rankings of the best colleges and universities in the country. And every year the state of Utah usually fares pretty well. This year Brigham Young University, the University of Utah, and Westminster College have slipped in their rankings.

BYU, Westminster, Utah rank high on top-colleges list (Deseret Morning News, August 17 2007)

Utah schools go south in national rankings (Salt Lake Tribune, August 17 2007

Kind of fun to see how different the two papers spin the news.

Also interesting, especially to those in UVSC's administration, is the fact that the magazine has changed some of its methodology in determining the rankings. In particular they now disqualify any school that does not require either the ACT/SAT as part of the admission process.

UVSC has been ranked as high as 4th for comprehensive colleges in the West (The comprehensive college category has been renamed the baccalaureate colleges category this year). And while the school has sort of required the ACT as part of admission since 2005, it is unclear if the schools iffy policy (students over 21 or not required to take the ACT) has kept them out of the rankings this year. It might also be the fact that UVSC, in keeping with its open admissions policy, does not use the ACT to determine eligibility, but placement.

Former president of College Republicans changes sides

Former president of UVSC's chapter of the College Republicans Bryan Horn has renounced his GOP affiliation and will be running as a Democrat in next year's state legislature race.

Former UVSC Republican will run for house as Dem (Daily Herald, August 17 2007)

You might remember Horn from his College Republican days, as he was one of the most active presidents the club ever had. To get a taste of some of the positions he once held dear, head on over to the College Times website and type in "Bryan Horn" into the search box.

Perhaps Michael Moore, The Vagina Monologues, and all those left-wing professors have succeeded in brain-washing even the most elect. Maybe Norm Nielsen and Kay Anderson were right all along.

God Speed Bryan Horn! The Green and Gold are pulling for you!

UVSC July Police Beat

Each month The Pipeline will publish the UVSC Police Department's response record for the previous month. You can find an archive of the police beat at

July 3rd- DUI- Officer Liddiard stopped a vehicle for speeding. The driver was found to be intoxicated. The driver was booked into the Utah County Jail for DUI, Fail to Signal, Stop Sign Violation, and Open Container. The driver also had several warrants out of Salt Lake County.

July 6th- Agency Assist- Officer Sprague responded to the I-15 southbound on ramp on a report of a male having a heart attack. Officer Sprague arrived on scene and found the driver lying on the ground next to his van with his wife and bystanders assisting him. Orem Paramedics arrived on scene and transported the patient to a local hospital for further treatment.

July 7th- Evading, DUI- Officer Sprague attempted to stop a motorcycle for a stop sign and speeding violations. The motorcyclist attempted to evade the officer by running a stop sign and speeding 50mph in a 25mph. The suspect crashed his motorcycle into a fence at 900 S 50 W and ran on foot. After a brief foot pursuit Officer Sprague caught up to the suspect. The suspect attempted to hide behind a bush at a residence. The suspect was ordered out from behind the bush at gunpoint. The suspect refused and was ultimately tased in order to take the suspect into custody. The motorcycle was impounded and the suspect was booked into the Utah County Jail on numerous charges.

July 9th- Disorderly Conduct- A husband and wife were asked to leave the Owlz Baseball game after they began to have a argument.

July 14th- Medical- A 32 year old Fire Academy Student began to experience chest pains after participating in a physical test. The student was transported by ambulance to a local hospital for further treatment.

July 15th- Agency Assist- A UVSC Officer was dispatched to WalMart to assist Orem Police with a civil disturbance.

July 16th- Mental Subject- A UVSC Officer came in contact with 68 year old male mental patient. It was determined that a Utah County Sheriff Deputy had stopped the suspect for a traffic offense and told him he could not drive. The patient was found by UVSC Officer Liddiard after being flagged over by a female that was being harassed by the patient. The patient was showing signs of mental illness and was recently released from a psychiatric unit in Salt Lake City. The patient was transported to a local psychiatric unit for further treatment.

July 17th- Illegal Consumption- A 59 year old male was trespassed and cited for drinking alcohol at the bus stop near the round-a-bout.

July 18th- Criminal Trespass- A 59 year old male was again trespassed from UVSC property and Sinclair on 1200 S.

July 18th- Medical- UVSC Police along with Orem Paramedics responded to the Liberal Arts building on a report of a female that had collapsed. The female was transported to a local hospital for treatment.

July 18th- Trespassing- A 45 year old homeless man was trespassed from UVSC property after being found in the Physical Education building.

July 20th- Agency Assist- UVSC Police responded to Sinclair to assist Orem Police with a accident involving injuries.

July 20th- Agency Assist- UVSC Police responded to Center Street to assist Orem Police with traffic control during a power outage.

July 21st- Criminal Trespass- A 16 year old male was cited for driving his personal vehicle on a set of stairs in lot H. Officers were able to obtain a video of the offense from the 16 year old friend's cell phone.

July 21st- Alarm- Officers responded to a alarm at the National Guard building.

July 21st- Agency Assist- Officer Rockwood responded to 1330 S 1100 W to back an Orem Police Officer out with a suspect performing Field Sobriety Tests.

July 21st- Agency Assist- Officer Rockwood responded to College Terrace apartments to back an Orem Officer responding to a noise complaint.

July 21st- Agency Assist- Officer Ross responded to I-15 on a report of a rollover with three people ejected.

July 23rd- Agency Assist- UVSC Police responded to I-15 to assist Utah Highway Patrol with a motorist who had locked herself out of her vehicle with a small child inside.

Speaking of the Campus Police, there is an interview with the school's new Chief over at the College Times

Meet UVSC's new Director of Public Safety (College Times, August 13 2007)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

UVSC's roots razed

From 1954 to 1977 Utah Technical College resided just west of Brigham Young University. Now, portions of the building that gave birth to UVSC are being torn down.

Part of historic college torn down (Daily Herald, August 14 2007)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

UVSC experiences big bump in summer enrollment numbers

Summer classes at colleges have never been terribly popular. For some reason students find other things to do outside the classroom. But this year UVSC has posted some impressive, albeit preliminary, numbers for their summer programming.

Summer 2007 Enrollment Data, Institutional Research (as of July 12, 2007)

On average (between the two most popular summer blocks) almost 900 more students attended summer classes this year. It could be that the school's policy of charging in-state tuition for everyone (including international students) has convinced some scholars to drop the tanning lotion and pick up the textbook.

Perhaps this trend will continue as the state's new residency rules take effect. In theory out-of-state students could come to UVSC fresh out of high school, take a full semester load of credits during the summer at in-state prices, then stick around Utah and work until the next summer. Then they can apply for permanent residency (as long as their parents don't claim them as dependents) and start paying tuition like a Utahan. In other words, savvy out-of-staters could attend UVSC without the outrageous penalties their older brothers and sisters faced.

For more info on the new residency requirements check out

Utah Board of Regents looks for new commissioner

Utah's Commissioner of Higher Education Richard Kendell announced at the end of June that he would be stepping down from his lofty post by the end of the year. Kendell, a graduate of the University of Utah, was a vocal supporter of UVSC's move to university status during the past legislative session.

Board of Regents Announce Search for Commissioner of Higher Education (Utah System of Higher Education Press Release, August 14 2007)

UVSC honors Lucille Stoddard with Scholarship in her name

UVSC's School of Science of Health is busy raising money to endow four full scholarships in the name of former interim college president Lucille Stoddard.

UVSC scholarships to honor Stoddard, former school president (Deseret Morning News, August 14 2007)

Lucille Stoddard Honored with Scholarship (UVSC Press Release, August 7 2007)

Contributions can be made to the UVSC Foundation, earmarked for the Lucille Stoddard Scholarship, and mailed to: Utah Valley State College Foundation, 800 W. University Parkway, Orem, UT 84058-5999.

Monday, August 13, 2007

UVSC prof brings poetry to the airwaves

UVSC's only Artist-in-Residence Alex Caldiero has been co-hosting a monthly radio show devoted to poetry for almost a year now. He recently sent out this press release about the latest upcoming show:


August 16th, 10:30-11:00 am on KCPW Radio 88.3 FM

Join Poetry Is Wanted here hosts, word sonosopher Alex Caldiero &
bookman Ken Sanders, along with producer Lara Jones for a new
installment of their monthly poetry show on KCPW radio.

We will be tackling the subject of poetry that transports the listener
to other times and places and using three poems and three places to
evoke this theme. First up, Ken Lara and Alex will all read and discuss
Vachel Lindsay's early 1900s poem "THE CONGO" which is a poem that
begs to be read aloud. Boomlay! Boomlay! Boomlay! BOOM!

Next up is..."In Xanadu did Kubla Khan a stately pleasure dome
decree" ie Samuel Taylor Coleridge's masterpiece KUBLA KHAN. A
powerful poem excerpted from Leslie Marmon Silko's CEREMONY will
follow, and if enough time remains, well, we'll always have more poetry.

POETRY IS WANTED HERE can be heard the third Thursday of every month,
from 10:30 to 11:00 am on KCPW RADIO 88.3 FM. Upcoming shows air:

September 20th
October 18th ( a special Halloween show)
November 15th
December 20th (winter solstice show)

Join us for a monthly dose of provocative and thought provoking poetry.
Out-of-towners can download programs right from

If you have never had the chance to see Alex live at least catch him on the radio. He is well worth your time.

Minority enrollment on the rise at UVSC

Recently the Daily Herald ran a story talking about the state of minority populations in Utah's higher education institutions.

More minority students going to college (Daily Herald, August 4 2007)

The article says that only 9 percent of students in post-high school education are non-white. It goes on to point out that school's like UVSC are doing more to reach out to minority students interested in a college education.

And the recent numbers from the school's office of Institutional Research back up UVSC's increased focus on minority students. Since 2002 the school's percentage of non-white students has risen from just under 9 percent to almost 15 percent in 2006.

Women's basketball in The Land of The Rising Sun

UVSC's women's basketball team has been in Japan for the past week and Wolverine Green has a bunch of their blogs and pictures.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Wolverines go wireless

UVSC students and faculty looking to surf the inter-web can now do it practically everywhere on campus thanks to free wireless internet.

Free wireless Internet at UVSC campus (Daily Herald, August 2 2007)

Imagine sitting in the Hall of Flags and being able to update your MySpace page to reflect the change in relationship status the very second your future eternal companion smiles at you! Of course we don't know for sure if social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook will be kosher on the school's new network. You can be sure that peer-to-peer services like Limewire and SoulSeek will be verboten. Of course porn will be taboo too.

As for the school's claim that 90 percent of the campus enjoys coverage...well..we will just have to take their word on that for now. After all, there are parts of the Gunther Trades building that are lucky they have lights and indoor plumbing.