Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Will UV-Uphoria compete with Stadium of Fire

The Des News ran a story today about UV-Uphoria (the big event celebrating the official transition to Utah Valley University) and how it might conflict with BYU's perennial powerhouse Stadium of Fire.

Utah Valley's big enough for 2 shows
UVSC fireworks 4 days before Stadium of Fire
(Deseret Morning News, March 18 2008)

When I imagined the two-day festivities marking UVSC's right of passage into univeristyhood, I thought there was going to be a lot of chanting, incense burning, and blood sacrifice. Turns out it is going to be a bunch of Country music (provided by "recognizable names" says Val hale), and a fireworks display that can only be described as "(not) on the scale of Stadium of Fire" by Freedom Festival organizer Paul Warner. Sounds like a rockin' good time!

Pity...I really could have used a crazy orgy of bacchanal proportions this summer. Maybe we should hold our own. Start pouring the libations!

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