Friday, March 21, 2008

UV-Uphoria just might be the lamest event ever conceived by man

Do you ever get the feeling that this whole move to university status has little to do with students and everything to do with sucking up to the community that surrounds us? Come July 1st the "university" experience for most students will be imperceptible from their good old college days. And yet all kinds of money and effort is being put into making Utah Valley residents aware of the transition.

Exhibit A in all of this is the two-day UV-Uphoria Celebration.

Country stars Raye, Nichols to headline UVSC celebration (Daily Herald, March 20 2008)

Country stars to help usher in UVU
Raye, Gracin, Nichols booked in celebration of university status
(Deseret Morning News, March 20 2008)

Go all of the details of this event and ask yourself, "Would any student in their right mind want to go to this thing?" Country music? Face-painting? Johnny B? This sounds like Onion Days in Spanish Fork!

Of course VP of Advancement Val Hale acknowledges that he wanted "[A] good family show." He also mentions that there will be a "rock" concert for students in April, more than two months before the transition occurs. No word yet on what bands have been signed for the show--but if the country stars are any indication--expect mediocrity.

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