Friday, March 7, 2008

Smokeless campus: Will USU's recent vote inspire UVU to ban tobacco

Student Government leaders at Utah State University have recently voted to ban smoking and all tobacco products on campus. If administrators approve the ban USU will join another hundred or so smokeless college campuses in the nation.

USU tries to snuff out campus smoking (The Daily Herald, February 7 2008

If the ban does indeed pass muster with the administration don't be surprised if other campuses in the state consider the move. And with UVSC having the highest percentage of LDS students of any public college in the world a tobacco ban seems to make a lot of sense.

Will there be a fight with the more liberal elements on campus if such a ban was considered by student government at UVSC? No doubt. If student leaders act unilaterally (like USU did) by not asking for a student referendum you could bet there will be a fierce battle. But those same liberal elements might not want to have it put to a full school vote, because there is little doubt that a tobacco ban would be approved by the majority.

And if such a ban was approved at UVSC you could count on Campus Police enforcing the letter of the law with all due diligence.

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