Tuesday, August 14, 2007

UVSC experiences big bump in summer enrollment numbers

Summer classes at colleges have never been terribly popular. For some reason students find other things to do outside the classroom. But this year UVSC has posted some impressive, albeit preliminary, numbers for their summer programming.

Summer 2007 Enrollment Data, Institutional Research (as of July 12, 2007)

On average (between the two most popular summer blocks) almost 900 more students attended summer classes this year. It could be that the school's policy of charging in-state tuition for everyone (including international students) has convinced some scholars to drop the tanning lotion and pick up the textbook.

Perhaps this trend will continue as the state's new residency rules take effect. In theory out-of-state students could come to UVSC fresh out of high school, take a full semester load of credits during the summer at in-state prices, then stick around Utah and work until the next summer. Then they can apply for permanent residency (as long as their parents don't claim them as dependents) and start paying tuition like a Utahan. In other words, savvy out-of-staters could attend UVSC without the outrageous penalties their older brothers and sisters faced.

For more info on the new residency requirements check out http://www.uvsc.edu/students/residency/

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