Thursday, August 2, 2007

Wolverines go wireless

UVSC students and faculty looking to surf the inter-web can now do it practically everywhere on campus thanks to free wireless internet.

Free wireless Internet at UVSC campus (Daily Herald, August 2 2007)

Imagine sitting in the Hall of Flags and being able to update your MySpace page to reflect the change in relationship status the very second your future eternal companion smiles at you! Of course we don't know for sure if social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook will be kosher on the school's new network. You can be sure that peer-to-peer services like Limewire and SoulSeek will be verboten. Of course porn will be taboo too.

As for the school's claim that 90 percent of the campus enjoys coverage...well..we will just have to take their word on that for now. After all, there are parts of the Gunther Trades building that are lucky they have lights and indoor plumbing.

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