Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Something stinks across the I15: MATC scandal blows up

For the past week or so there has been some quiet articles bouncing around the local papes concerning possible fiscal wrongdoing at the Mountainlands Applied Technology Center. But now it seems that where there was smoke a fire has been found, and that means Utah College of Applied Technology president Rob Brems, and MATC president Clay Christensen have some 'splaining to do.

UPDATE: Audit shows MATC officials broke laws (Daily Herald, August 22 2007)

Audit alleges illegal use of funds, cover-up by college presidents (Salt Lake Tribune, August 22 2007)

Other than the proximity of the two campuses, there isn't much of a UVSC connection here. The State Auditor found that some of the money Brem had received as part of a compensation package when he left MATC to run UCAT had been put into an endowment that his dependents used at UVSC.

But it should serve as a reminder to administrators need to operate above reproach. And favors to powerful folks like the Utah Republican Party will not go unnoticed.

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