Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Baloney with Bill

Tuesday Big Bill Sederburg held his annual "Sandwiches with Sederburg" in the Grande Ballroom. No big surprises: sandwiches, cookies, a Power Point presentation, and plenty of courtesy laughs.

Sandwiches and optimism at UVSC (Deseret Morning News, April 9 2008)

Sandwiches with Sederburg event celebrates UVSC budget (Daily Herald, April 9 2008

Bill made a big deal about all the money the school is getting nowadays, which is impressive but still seems woefully inadequate considering the new mission of the school.

One of the few interesting nuggets Bill dropped is the fact that the school is hoping to earn the Carnegie Foundation's Community Engagement Classification. It beats trying to get a football team.

By the way UVSC employees, when you laugh at Big Bill's jokes it only encourages him.

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