Tuesday, April 15, 2008

MATC out as UVSC creeps west

UVSC leases space in its west campus (across I-15, directly north of Parkway Crossing) to the Mountainlands Applied Technology Center at the generous rate of $1 a year. But with a rising student population, and an upswing in faculty and staff hires as the college becomes a university, UVSC needs to kick out their tenants.

MATC, UVSC review building lease (Daily Herald, April 15 2008)

The plan has been approved by UVSC's Board of Trustees, and will still need to be approved by the MATC board. Of course, they really don't have much choice, so they are already making plans for the move. The MATC will still operate out of the first floor of the building, and UVSC will start moving in on July 1st. No word yet on who is being moved to the campus version of Outer Siberia. Whoever the lucky people are, they can choose to see it as a punishment, or revel in the lack of supervision. Just ask the folks in the Faculty Annex...most of them love the lack of pop-ins.

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