Monday, February 4, 2008

New UVU Blogs

A lot more folks around campus are blogging about UVSC/UVU.

The folks over in Prospective Student Services have a new blog up and running which you can find at:

Curtis Jensen and the members of the UVU Interfaith Student Association are blogging at:

And if you like movie reviews from an in-the-know local, visit The College Times own Jason Pyles's at:

We are sure there are more out if you are at UVSC/UVU (student, faculty, or staff) and have a blog please post a response below and we will link to it (and of course we would love you to link with us). Your blog doesn't even have to be about UVSC!


Travis Gollaher said...
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Travis Gollaher said...

Hi my name is Travis Gollaher I am a student at UVSC/UVU. I have just started my firs blog and am excited to share it with the world. Liberty's Front comments on politics, current events, and anything else that the author deems necessary or interesting. Liberty’s Front is focused on attempting to bring about real changes in the World through conservative discussion and commentary.You can find me at,

Travis Gollaher said...

Vegor I have added your link to
Thanks so much. also I really like your blog keep it up. You should add something form the difrent UVSC/UVU clubs, namley the Veterans group, political club ect... You know what I mean. I am not a membre of any of them but I think that they are represenative of our school. Just my opinion.

Vegor said...

I went through UVSC's Club website yesterday and was disappointed to learn that only two clubs (Hockey and Rugby) had websites listed. The info on the clubs site is usually out of date...I have to imagine that there are more UVSC club websites out there...if you know of any, please let me know.

Travis Gollaher said...

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Trenton said...


I'm Trenton Hansen, a 3/4 time UVU PoliSci student. I have a couple of blogs you can add, if you wouldn't mind.

They are:

I'll add a link to this blog on my blog roll.

Also, the UVU club called The Davy Crockett Society has a web page here:

Vegor said...

Thanks Trenton...I'll add those to my student blogs list...and I'll add the Davy Crockett Society to the student clubs list.