Wednesday, February 6, 2008

New ramp meters may cause headaches for student commuters

For those students who live and/or work north of the UVSC campus and use I-15 as part of their commute UDOT has given them one more thing to worry about: ramp meters.

UDOT to install ramp meters in Utah County (Deseret Morning News, February 6 2008

That's right, a ramp meter will be installed at the northbound onramp of University Parkway. This will no doubt back things up on Utah County's busiest intersection as drivers will need to wait their turn to enter the freeway during the morning and afternoon rush hours.

UDOT hopes meters at the intersections between University Parkway and Lehi will allow for better flow as entering drivers will be more easily assimulated into traffic. That might be the case...but for the thousands of drivers you use the University Parkway onramp things just got more complicated.

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