Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Bill would offer college scholarships to every high school student in Utah

Richard Kendell may have stepped down from his position as Utah's commissioner of higher education, but that hasn't stopped him from spearheading a campaign to get more high school students into college.

Good grades, the right college prep classes may net $1,350
(Salt Lake Tribune, January 9 2008)

Kendell is helping Sen. Lyle Hillyard, R-Logan, navigate the bill through the legislature. The annual session begins later this month. The bill calls for each 8th grader to receive a letter from the Board of Regents saying that a $1000 scholarship is already in their name and gaining interest. All students need to do is graduate with a B average and take a set college prep courses while in high school. It is expected that of the 35,000 8th graders currently in the state about 7,000 would qualify.

Sure, $1350 would hardly pay for a single semester at UVSC (especially in 5 years!) but at least it is something.

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