Tuesday, October 23, 2007

New logos are ready for your disapproval

Surveys were e-mailed today to selected folks asking for opinions on the top choices for new UVU logos...And in The Pipeline's humble opinion, they all looked awful.

Now we would love to post the screen captures we nabbed during the survey...but chances are the College Marketing department would go crazy. All of the logos say things like "not for distribution". And we would love to provide a link to the online survey...but it is tied to the e-mail adddress it was sent to, and can only be completed once.

Chances are we will all get to see these monstrosities soon enough. We can say that all four of the main designs looked like Rare Method (the designers hired for the redesign) were trying really hard to make the letters UVU do cutesy little things (like the negative space make the shape of Utah). One design was so convoluted that it was barely readable. Another one looked like a rip off of West Virginia's logo. All of them featured a boxy font that looked a lot like the firm's designs for Murray City.

The survey said not to pay attention to colors, as the colors were not finalized yet. But the colors that were used were awful...including a baby vomit green, and even a dark blue that looked like it belonged on a Cougar.

The sports logos were slightly better...with one design looking a lot like Rare Method's design for the Utah Blaze. They even redesigned the Wolverine logo (commonly known as "The Creature"). On the survey they asked if the current logo was better...but if the school's colors are going to change, then chances are the current Creature has got to change too. Their new wolverine is neon green for some reason.

All in all, the choices were very disappointing. Our advice is to start hoarding UVU gear now before this ugly crap hits the shelves.


Anonymous said...

I believe you're covered under fair use. Let's see those logos!

Anonymous said...

You can find the athletic logos here: http://wolverinegreen.blogspot.com/2007/11/new-logos-for-utah-valley-university.html

Anonymous said...

Here is an article from The College Times with the logos: http://media.www.uvcollegetimes.com/media/storage/paper982/news/2007/12/03/News/Going.Graphic-3128772.shtml

Anonymous said...

Here is a good website to see a higher quality version of the new logos: http://ugaf.org/2007/12/04/new-utah-valley-university-identity/