Monday, September 17, 2007

UVSC helps train dental hygienists in Ghana

There was a cool little story in today's College Times about UVSC's Dental Hygiene department's new program that helps provide training for prospective dental hygienists in Ghana.

UVSC professor establishes Ghana's first dental hygiene program
(College Times, September 17 2007)

Second year students in Kristen Kinateder-Mecham's program correspond via e-mail with students in Ghana. "In class at UVSC, we discuss some areas that we want to assess the students in. We'll come up with short-answer questions and give them to the Ghanaian students and see how they are understanding the concepts," said Kinateder-Mecham. "They [UVSC students] are learning the material very well because they're trying to help someone else understand it."

Kinateder-Mecham also travels to Ghana to do training sessions and brings books donated by students at UVSC. She is also working to establish an exchange program with the country.

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