Monday, September 17, 2007

Regents rank Colleges' wish list for building projects

Last Friday, representatives from Utah's public colleges and universities met with the state's all-powerful Board of Regents and asked for a combined $328 million in construction projects. And while everyone wants something built, chances are only four projects will see funding this year.

Regents pare wish list
Higher ed pitches $328 million in projects; top 4 ranked
(Deseret Morning News, September 15 2007)

No surprise that the University of Utah and Utah State's projects top the list; both schools are looking to replace or renovate buildings that are several decades old. Salt Lake Community College is looking to add a classroom building, and Southern Utah University wants one building to house all of their science departments and programs.

Of course UVSC wants a piece of the funding pie, and they are looking to get the dough necessary to build an addition to the Pope Science building. But the competition between other schools, and the fact that UVSC got the library wanted two years ago, will likely knock the project off the list when it goes to the State Building Board. The remaining projects will then go the legislature, which approved $88 million worth of building projects during the 2007 session.

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