Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Hitch in her get along: New VP still has dirty laundry at old job

UVSC's new VP of academic affairs Liz Hitch has barely unpacked her boxes, but a lingering legal issue still hangs over her head at her old job in the Badger State.

UVSC official accused of discrimination
(Daily Herald, September 17 2007)

You gotta love the Daily Herald making it seem like this is relevant by slapping on a headline like that. The incident in question actually happened back in 2006 when Hitch was the provost at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.

When Hitch was making her first visit to UVSC she was asked in a public forum about the incident and she seemed quite upfront and honest about what happened, saying that most of the blame was on the school's poor hiring procedures. And even though she was censured by the school's faculty senate she offered to give the telephone number of the senate president to those interested in getting the full story. Most profs we talked to after the incident seemed satisfied.

But Wisconsin's Department of Workforce Development thinks the plaintiff in the case has some probable cause for a discrimination lawsuit.

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