Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Just Loungin'

So we are sure that all you hip kids that "surf the net" have discovered The Lounge, UVSC marketing department's laid back "place for fun stuff". Consider it a digital oasis where weary "students, faculty, staff and others" can kick back and chill.

And check it out can download wicked cool stuff like UVSC wallpapers, or watch YouTube videos made by students (careful though..."Viewer discretion is advised. Some of these films may contain material which viewers may find objectionable.")

Whoa dude...look at this. The Lounge is sporting a killer listing of blogs about UVSC. No way....they got the Equity in Education blog! SWEET! PARTY!

But where is The Pipeline you ask. Well it turns out they don't like blogs about UVSC if they don't know who is writing them. And we all know The Pipeline prides itself on its anonymity. But come on can you deny us a place on your glorious list when we have enriched the lives of literally tens of people? Do the right thing and add The Pipeline. After all....we link to you.

PS: You can always find videos and all the other UVSC blogs right here, and yes we even have those pimps from Equity in Education!

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