Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What the UTA expansion means for UVSC

You might have heard about the Utah Transit Authority's plans for more light rail lines in the Salt Lake valley and commuter rail extending into Utah Valley. Well now those plans have big federal dollars to get the ball rolling.

UTA on track for U.S. funds
Letter of intent says $500 million is anticipated for Utah rail projects
(Deseret Morning News, September 25 2007)

UTA secures federal funds share for 5 major rail projects
(Salt Lake Tribune, September 26 2007)

For those who travel along the I-15 corridor this is great news. And for UVSC this could be a monumental step in truly becoming a regional university. The campus's master plan map has a space for an intermodal hub, seen here:

And this plan matches UTA's plan, seen here:

Now we just have to wait several years, and countless construction cones, until it's built.

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