Wednesday, January 2, 2008

UCAS expansion provides more elbow room

The Utah County Academy of Sciences has been operating on the UVSC campus since August of 2005, providing area students the opportunity to take classes that both count for high school and college credit. So far the 300 or so students have been relegated to portable classrooms left over from the Vineyard Elementary expansion.

But now a new $1.6 million building will be added to the school and will provide a gym and cafeteria. Enrollment will stay the same. Administrators at the school, which is one of six such institutions in the state, hope the new building will be completed and in use by August of this year.

Early college high school in Utah County to expand
Academy of Sciences on the campus of UVSC breaks ground for a new building to accommodate its 330 students
(Salt Lake Tribune, January 2 2008)

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