Thursday, September 27, 2007

October's Ethics Forum could provide fireworks

Right now in Utah there is hardly an issue bigger than school vouchers. Sure, polygamy is getting all the national attention, but now that Warren Jeffs is headed for the pokey vouchers will be front and center once again. And UVSC's Ethics Center is going to capitalize on all hubbub with a public forum next month.

So if you are on campus the night of October 3, say around seven-ish, swing on by the Faculty Seminar room (LC243) and check out the action. Guests include State Board of Education Chair Kim Burningham, Chairman of the Board & CEO of Patrick Byrne, Former Utah State PTA Education Commissioner Marilyn Kofford, and Paul T. Mero President of the Sutherland Institute.

If Mero's name seems familiar it might be that you caught his recent essay that he paid to put in local papers. Here it is if you missed it:

Vouchers, Vows, and Vexations: The Historic Dilemma over Utah’s Education Identity. (PDF,

That's right, it is part 4 of 6. Paul Mero is like the R. Kelly of conservatives and this is his "Trapped in the Closet". Put this guy in a room with a bunch of radical god-less liberal professors and watch the feathers fly! It is going to be fun.

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