Thursday, September 27, 2007

Dixie plays the all-too-familiar Name Game

Last year when UVSC was bucking for a promotion there were a few discussions about what to call the damn thing if it indeed became a univeristy. But Sederburg and the legislature settled on Utah Valley University pretty early on, and that was that. And since that time nobody has really made too much noise about it.

But now the Name Game is beginning down south as Dixie State College looks to hook up with the University of Utah. The situation in St. George is a little more convoluted when you consider that the region has been called Dixie since the time of Brigham Young, and that some object to it's Confederate connotations.

If St. George school hooks up with U of U, it may not be whistling Dixie
(Salt Lake Tribune, September 27 2007)

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