Monday, July 2, 2007

UVSC secures Hunsaker for another five years

We here at The Pipeline can't believe we missed this one, but better late than never. It was announced two weeks ago that Wolverine Men's basketball coach Dick Hunsaker has signed another five-year deal with the school.

UVSC's Hunsaker signs five-year contract extension (Daily Herald)

While the piece does not include how much Hunsaker will be making, what is made abundantly clear is that the coach knows how to win. During his first five seasons as head coach he garnered an impressive 104-43 record.

While it is important for an athletic program to keep winners around, The Pipeline wonders if the contract is a smart move seeing how the school's Division I provisional status is winding down, and it doesn't look like the school is any closer to being accepted into a conference.

The big question remains, what will happen to UVSC Athletics when their provisional clock runs out in 2009? One thing is for sure...Dick Hunsaker will still be collecting a paycheck.

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