Monday, October 1, 2007

UVSC September Police Beat

Each month The Pipeline will publish the UVSC Police Department's response record for the previous month. You can find an archive of the police beat at

September 1st - AGENCY ASSIST-UVSC Police responded to Pinnacle Apartments to assist Orem Police with taking a juvenile runaway into custody. During the incident, a male juvenile was tased by Orem Police after the juvenile fought with the UVSC Officer. The male juvenile was booked into Slate Canyon Youth Detention Center.

September 2nd- DUI- A traffic stop resulted in the arrest of the 32 year old male driver for DUI. The driver was booked into the Utah COunty Jail and his car impounded.

September 4th- MEDICAL- A female collapsed near parking lot B after getting off a shuttle bus. The female was transported to a local hospital for further evaluation.

Spetember 4th- AGENCY ASSIST-UVSC Police responded to Parkway Crossing to assist Orem Police with a report of a loud party.

September 4th- VEHICLE BURGLARY-A subwoofer and gold clubs were stolen from a vehicle parked in lot E.

September 4th- EVACUATION- The UVSC Baseball Stadium was evacuated during the Orem Owl baseball game due to severe weather. Patrons where evacuated to the McKay Events Center until the storm passed. There were no reports of injuries.

September 5th- DISORDERLY CONDUCT- A student was warned for Disorderly Conduct outside of the Liberal Arts building when he attempted to disrupt a small War Protest.

September 6th- MEDICAL-UVSC Police along with Orem Paramedics responded to the UVSC Bookstore on a report of an employee that had fainted. The employee was released on scene.

September 10th- POSSESSION OF PARAPHERNALIA-A 21 year old female UVSC student was arrested for Possession of Drug Paraphernalia in a Drug Free Zone during the Modest Mouse concert.

September 11th- PUBLIC INTOXICATION-UVSC police responded to the Provo Airport on a report of a flight student that was intoxicated. The suspect agreed to a portable breath test which resulted with a reading of .186 BAC. The student has since been kicked out of the flight program. The student also agreed to alcohol counseling.

September 12th- ILLEGAL CONSUMPTION/ DRUG ARREST-A 19 year old male was arrested during the MUSE Concert for Illegal Consumption and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia in a drug free zone.

September 13th- MENTAL SUBJECT- Officers responded to a mental subject at the Bookstore. The 29 year old subject was trespassed from the campus.

September 13th- VEHICLE BURGLARY- A vehicle was broken into in the Institute Parking lot and a wallet was stolen.

September 14th MEDICAL-UVSC Police along with Orem Paramedics responded to the Student Health Services on a report of a seizure. The adult female was transported by ambulance to a local hospital for further treatment.

September 14th- AGENCY ASSIST- UVSC Police responded to University Parkway on a traffic accident with injuries.

September 15th- OPEN CONTAINER-A 29 year old male was issued citations for Broken Windshield, Faulty Brake Lights, and Open Container. The suspect was initially stopped for the broken windshield. When the Officer made contact with the driver, the Officer noticed a strong odor of alcohol.

September 17th- MAN WITH GUN-Officers responded to Student Health Services on a report of a man with a gun. Officers arrived on scene and determined the man had a concealed weapons permit. The reporting party stated that the man was not threatening and appeared to have accidentally displayed his concealed weapon while adjusting his shirt.

September 17th- DRIVING ON SUSPENSION- A 21 year old male was issued several citations after he was stopped on his scooter for No Lights. The driver was issued citations for Driving on Suspension, No Proof of Insurance, and Faulty Equipment.

September 19th- TRAFFIC ACCIDENT- A motorcycle traveling east bound on College Drive was struck by a vehicle traveling westbound that attempted to turn left near the Institute Building. The driver of the motorcycle received minor injuries although the motorcycle was destroyed. Traffic on College Drive had to be rerouted for a short time while the accident was being investigated.

September 19th- AGENCY ASSIST-UVSC Police initiated a traffic stop on a Ryder van near 800 W and University Parkway after someone reported to Orem Police that the van had an odor of rotting flesh coming from it. The driver of the van had a good laugh and gave Officers consent to search. Officers were happy to report no dead bodies found.

September 20th- ALARM- Officers responded to the north UVSC Hangar at the Provo Airport on a burglar alarm.

September 21st- AGENCY ASSIST-UVSC Police responded to University Parkway and Main Street to assist Orem Police with a traffic accident.

September 21st- TRESPASS- Three juvenile males were warned for trespassing at the Education Building.

September 22nd- AGENCY ASSIST- Orem Police requested that a UVSC Officer respond to the area of 1100 W 1400 S on a report of a overdose. The UVSC Officer arrived on scene and found that a adult woman had overdosed on prescription pills. Orem Paramedics also responded to the scene.

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