Friday, October 12, 2007

USA Today and Deseret Morning News get trial run on campus

UVSC news junkies have been enjoying their free copies of the New York Times for over two years now, and now USA Today and the Deseret Morning News will join the battle for students' attention.

Starting this Monday and for the next four weeks (though we have also heard it might be six weeks) students will be able to pick up free copies of both papers. Students will be surveyed and the school will decide if it wants to foot the bill on a regular basis.

Not everyone is thrilled about USA Today's colorful dean equated it to Marvel Comics. But serious news watchers will be happy to know that the Times will still be around.

One administrator said he is hoping that the costs of all these publications (perhaps even the Wall Street journal for business students) will be added to the school's general budget. Right now the subscription fee is rolled into student fees.

Now all we need is a better recycling system for all these newspapers.

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