Friday, October 12, 2007

School of Business to get new name and a load of money

While no one on campus is willing to go on record, it seems everyone is flapping their lips about a huge donation coming to UVSC's business school next week.

Large gift to UVSC's school of business
(Daily Herald, October 12 2007)

The Herald is reporting that the gift will be between $15-20 million, and come courtesy of the Woodbury family. As part of the donation the School of Business will change it's name, probably to something like the Woodbury School of Business. Again, no one on campus is being quoted on the particulars here, so we will probably have to wait until the official announcement on October 19.

The School of Business currently resides in the Woodbury Business Building on campus. No word yet if some of the donated money will be allocated to improving the aging structure, but the school's master plan does indicate eventual expansion.

The Woodbury's have also donated space at their University Mall for the Woodbury Art Museum.

No word if uber-philanthropist Ira Fulton will match this huge gift. The Arizona homebuilder has matched other major gifts this year, including Brent Brown's $1 million donation for the school's baseball facility, and just last week he matched the $1 million donation from Clyde Companies Inc.

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