Monday, October 29, 2007

Prof's poster gets castrated

UVSC's only Artist in Residence Alex Caldiero recently put together a poster advertising his Humanities 2020 course for next semester. On his poster he featured Caravaggio's Cupid Triumphant, along with other works that would be studied during the class.

But apparently the 400 year-old masterpiece, which features the mischievous cherub in the buff, is a little too risqué for the young impressionable student of UVSC.

Like all posters on campus, Caldiero's poster must be approved by Campus Connection. He was told last week that the school has a policy outlawing nudity on any campus posters or flyers, and Campus Connection refused to give their stamp, which is needed if the poster will be displayed on campus.

Caldiero was told on Monday that Academic Affairs VP Liz Hitch will be reviewing the poster, but as of yet he has not heard her decision. Needless to say, The Pipeline will keep you posted.

In the meantime, Caldiero is shocked that a public college would cause such a stink over a piece of art, especially one as important as the Caravaggio.

UPDATE: After over a week Calderio learned that Hitch finally approved his poster, but did so without comment as to why the process took so long, or why it was held up in the first place.

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