Thursday, October 25, 2007

Parkway Crossing gets new life as Orem City approves married student housing

Parkway Crossing entered the UVSC housing scene over three years ago with some big plans. Students were told that the mixed-use complex would house over 6,000 students and have amenities like a high-speed gondola that would wisk them across I-15 and drop them off at UVSC.

But three years later and only two of the planned six phases have been completed. The stores that set shop on the street level have been vacant, apartment vacancy rates vacillated heavily, and the original owners cut bait and ran.

But now Parkway Crossing might be headed for a comeback thanks to Orem's City Council.

Orem opens way for new married student housing
(Daily Herald, October 25 2007)

Orem City will allow the current developers to zone for condos that can be used by both married and single students. The hope is that with more variety in housing choices Parkway Crossing can start making some money.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the married people in the complex will help solve the drug problem that management refuses to take care of.

Vegor said...

Interesting. I haven't heard about drug problems at Parkway....would love to know more.