Monday, October 22, 2007

It's Official: Woodbury's give UVSC $20 million for Business School

After a week or so of UVSC administrators refusing to comment, the details of the largest donation in the school's history was finally made official last Friday when it was announced that the School of Business has been renamed the Woodbury School of Business in recognition of the $20 million donation made by the Woodbury family.

UVSC gets $20 million gift
Donation by Woodburys given to business school
(Deseret Morning News, October 20 2007)

Funny that the Daily Herald, the paper that had actually scooped this story a week ago, didn't have an article about Friday's announcement. Perhaps the editors felt they didn't need to after getting right the first time.

No details were announced on how UVSC might use these new funds, which will be paid out of a trust for the next 10 years, but it makes sense that at least some of the money will be used to establish the MBA program they have been talking since being granted university status.

And no word yet if Arizona philanthropist Ira Fulton will match the Woodbury donation.

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