Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Former UVSC dance instructor's slip is showing

A weird little story in today's papers tell the tale of Mark Baker, a former dance instructor at UVSC, who was caught red-handed with dresses missing from the school's inventory.

Southern Utah University dance instructor faces 2nd charge
(Deseret Morning News, October 3 2007)

SUU instructor charged with stealing UVSC costumes
(Daily Herald, October 3 2007)

The best part is that Baker had the ball(gown)s to feature the stolen gear in an online video production (man, we hope it was only a dance video) which was seen by someone at UVSC, who recognized the stuff and notified the authorities.

Baker, who has been suspended from his job as the director of SUU's ballroom dance company, will be in court later this month.

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