Thursday, October 18, 2007

Big property management company loses BYU-approved status

Total Propert Management, which runs some 50 or so properties throughout Provo, has lost its BYU Housing Approved status.

TPM Loses BYU Approval
(, October 16 2007)

Any student who lives in Provo around the BYU campus knows this is a big deal. Single BYU students not living at home or in the school's dorms must live in BYU Approved housing unit. This designation insures that the property follows a strict housing policy that includes enforcing BYU's honor code. UVSC students who also live in BYU Approved apartments (which is just about every student apartment complex in Provo) also need to follow BYU's honor code; which outlaws smoking, drinking, and sex.

TPM has had a bad rap amongst students for several years, with most complaints coming from the way the company upkeeps their properties and charges fees.

BYU students currently living in TPM managed properties will need to make arrangements after December. Word on the street is that other management companies are swooping in to take over these properties.

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