Thursday, September 6, 2007

UVSC student ruled competent to stand trial on weapons charges

At the beginning of the summer UVSC student Kidus Yohannes was arrested for various weapons charges. Now the 4th circuit court has ruled that Yohannes,20, is mentally competent to stand trial. A preliminary hearing has been set for September 20.

Court rules that man facing gun-related charges is competent (Daily Herald, September 6 2007)

UVSC student ruled competent for trial in weapons case (Salt Lake Tribune, September 6 2007)

Yohannes was arrested after his roommates notified police that the Ethiopian immigrant had been amassing an arsenal and talking about mass murder. Police say that Yohannes used a false id to purchase some of these weapons, and that two of his guns have never been found. Since his arrest UVSC Police have banned him from campus.

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