Friday, September 14, 2007

UVSC prof sounds off on the influence of "Community Values"

Ethics Center director David Keller, has published an article in Academe (the journal for the American Association of University Professors).

Academic Freedom vs. Community Values?

While Keller has a few facts slightly skew, and a condescending tone, it does make for fun reading for those familiar with UVSC's struggles with meeting the expectations of the surrounding community.

One part in particular caught our attention came from an anonymous letter that Keller and other "liberal" professors received early in 2006:

“Eventually, people with a strong Left-wing orientation . . . will leave UVSC because the community will not abide them. They will realize that they cannot be happy here. And like it or not, the community—especially this one—calls the shots.”

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Anonymous said...

Funny thing is, it goes both ways. I have lived in Provo, and in San Fran, extreme opposites. If you’re a conservative, you can't survive there. Liberal, or conservative, that is how it is, and both sides vies that the others wont let them survive in the area due to values. Fact is, professors think they know all, and at times, should shut up and teach. To me, the values of the community are more important than the Professors point of view on society. Go back into your box, skew your facts the way you want, and make the earth a better place by punching yourself in the face.