Tuesday, September 4, 2007

UVSC August Police Beat

Each month The Pipeline will publish the UVSC Police Department's response record for the previous month. You can find an archive of the police beat at http://www.uvsc.edu/police/Police_Beat/index.html.

August 7th- MEDICAL-A 20 year old male crashed on his longboard while attempting to ride it down College Drive. Orem Paramedics evaluated and released the patient on scene.
August 9th- MEDICAL-A 39 year old male was suffering chest pains and shortness of breath in the Liberal Arts building. The patient was treated by Orem Paramedics and then transported to the UVSC Wellness Center for further evaluation.
August 11th- AGENCY ASSIST- UVSC Police responded to the area of 800 S 700 W to assist Orem Police with looking for a suspect wanted for Aggravated Kidnapping and a Violation of a Protective Order. The suspect was not located.
August 11th- AGENCY ASSIST-UVSC Officers responded to 523 N Beverly Avenue to assist Orem Police with a neighborhood party involving alcohol and a large group of people.
August 11th- AGENCY ASSIST-UVSC Police responded to 800 S Main to assist Orem with a traffic accident involving a Orem Captain.
August 13th- SUICIDAL SUBJECT- UVSC Police responded to Remington Apartments to assist Orem Police with a suicidal male subject in possession of a knife. The subject was taken into protective custody without incident.

August 21st- AGENCY ASSIST- A UVSC Officer working a case in North Orem responded to a report of a fight near 400 N 200 E in which a suspect was hitting another person with a baseball bat. As the Officer was arriving, he observed the suspect vehicle fleeing the scene and initiated a felony stop on the vehicle. Two of the three occupants had outstanding warrants with UVSC and Provo Police departments.

August 22nd- TRAFFIC ACCIDENT- There was a traffic accident in the Institute parking lot when two vehicles backed into each other.

August 22nd- AIRCRAFT ACCIDENT- UVSC Police responded to a report of a UVSC plane on landing that had struck a deer at the Provo Airport. Damage to the aircraft was estimated at $30,000. Although the pilot and instructor were not injured, the deer was killed. The runway was closed for some time until the FAA cleared it to reopen.

August 23rd- TRAFFIC ACCIDENT- Officers responded to a traffic accident near the front of campus. A vehicle rear ended another vehicle that had stopped for a pedestrian in a crosswalk.

August 23rd- TRAFFIC ACCIDENT- Officers responded to a traffic accident near North College Drive.

August 24th- ILLEGAL CONSUMPTION- A 19 year old male was arrested at the Welcome Back Dance for Illegal Consumption.

August 25th- OPEN CONTAINER- A 22 year old male was issued a citation for Open Container after Officers observed the male get into a truck and grab a bottle of alcohol after the Welcome Back Dance.

August 26th- RECKLESS DRIVING- An off duty American Fork Police Officer observed two vehicles driving recklessly in parking lot N. UVSC Police responded to the scene and made contact with both drivers. The first driver was cited for No License and Reckless Driving. The second driver was cited for Reckless Driving. Both drivers were also given a mandatory court date to appear before a judge.

August 28th- TRAFFIC ACCIDENT- A traffic accident ocurred at the interseciton of parking lot T and parking lot N when a vehicle ran a stop sign.

August 28th- TRAFFIC ACCIDENT- A accident with injuries ocurred at 1200 W McKay Drive when a unlicensed driver pulled out from McKay Drive into the path of a motorcyclist travelling north on 1200 W. The motorcyclist was taken by ambulance to a local hospital for further treatment. The unlicensed driver was issued numerous citations.

August 28th- THEFT- A backpack containing several items was stolen from the PE women's locker room.

August 29th- CRIMINAL MISCHIEF- Officers responded to parking lot D on a report of a male suspect keying cars. Officers were unable to locate the suspect as well as any damaged vehicles.

August 31st- RESISTING ARREST- a 23 year old BYU students was tased after failing to comply with a lawful order by a Police Officer. The suspect was outside of the Institute of Religion during the Institute Dance. Officers were attempting to disperse a large crowd when the suspect became confrontational with the officer. The suspect was told to leave and refused. The Officer advised the suspect he was under arrest at which time the suspect made an agressive move toward the officer. The suspect was then tased and taken into custody. The suspect was charged with Disorderly Conduct, Failure to Disperse, and Resisting Arrest. The suspect's wife and her friend assaulted another officer during the incident. They were both arrested and charged with Disorderly Conduct.

August 31st- MEDICAL- A 21 year old male student suffered a broken leg while playijng soccer near the Education Building. THe student was taken by ambulance to a local hospital for treatment.

August 29th- TRAFFIC ACCIDENT- Officers responded to 1000 W University Parkway on a report of a traffic accident with injuries. Officers were unable to locate the accident and cancelled other units responding.

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