Friday, September 21, 2007

Kidus Yohannes will stand trial on weapons charges

A judge ruled yesterday that UVSC student Kidus Yohannes will face trial for a series of weapons charges,

UVSC student will face trial on gun charges
(Daily Herald, September 21 2007)

One charge dropped in gun purchases
Ethiopian man still facing 3 counts in Orem incidents
(Deseret Morning News, September 21 2007)

Yohannes was arrested over the summer for allegedly providing false information when purchasing a pair of rifles last year. He is also accused of stealing his roommate's check card. It was Yohannes's roommates who tipped off police that the 20-year-old Ethiopian immigrant was stockpiling weapons and seemed obsessed with mass murder. His arrest came just months after the mass shootings at Virginia Tech.

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