Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hellraising Y. professor receives ethics award from UVSC

David Dominguez is not your typical Brigham Young University professor. Let's face it, the Lord's University doesn't hire too many Berkeley-educated self-described hell-raisers. So it makes perfect sense for UVSC to recognize Dominguez's special place in the community by giving him an award.

UVSC gives ethics award to Y. professor
(Deseret Morning News, September 20 2007)

Dominguez was recognized for his grass-roots community work, particularly within the poorer sections of Utah Valley. I do not let powerful institutions steam-roll the innocent, the poor, the defenseless," he said. "I do not let that happen."

Dominguez hopes that some day all BYU and UVU students will be required to take a course in community justice. Bill Sederburg praised Dominguez's work, and said he wants UVSC's Community of Engaged Learners program to emulate his efforts.


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