Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Police arrest UVSC student on weapons charges

Acting on a tip by concerned roommates, members of Orem and Provo police departments arrested 20-year-old UVSC student and Ethiopian national Kidus Chane Yohannes and charging him with two felonies-- giving false information on a gun background check and unlawful acquisition and possession of a financial card.

Here are two articles on the story from the local papers:

Does UVSC student pose a gun threat? (Deseret Morning News)

Orem man in trouble for gun purchases (Daily Herald)

Earlier today the following e-mail went out to all campus employees:

Yesterday, Orem Police arrested a UVSC student who is a resident alien because of the proactive nature of his roommates. The roommates were worried about the amount of ammunition Kiddus Chane Yohannes allegedly stockpiled, and his fascination with violent death, particularly by gunfire. He is currently in the Utah County Jail for attempting to illegally purchase assault weapons. He has a history of weapons violations. Kiddus also reportedly has possession of two AK47s that have not been recovered. He has been restricted from campus pursuant to our policy and will have his status as a student reviewed through the Judicial Affairs Office. If Kiddus is located on campus or in public use EXTREME CAUTION as he has a weapons violation history (picture is attached). If you have any questions or concerns contact Vice President Peterson.

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The Pipeline said...


Kiddus Chane Yohannes, the UVSC student who was arrested in June for buying guns illegally, will undergo a mental evaluation before the court takes any further action.

Man faces a mental evaluation (Deseret Morning News)