Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Fight over UVSC fight song

Today's Des News featured a fun little story about the UVSC image committee and their struggle to update the UVSC fight song.

UVSC's fight song not quite imprinted on students' minds (Deseret Morning News)

While the fight song fight is just barely newsworthy, it does speak to a deeper fundamental issue––that UVSC will always be compared to that other college down the road. It is hard enough to be thought of as BYU's bastard child...do we really need a song that backs up that perception?

Here are the lyrics as they are currently:

Stand up and cheer, UVSC
Year after year
You will be
Strong in battle
'Til the game is done
'Til the victory
You have won, won, won
Stand up and sing
Green and gold
Our song will ring
Loud and bold
Follow your colors
And soon you will be
Wolverines of UVSC

By the way, outside of student government nerds, nobody knows that this song even exists, let alone the actual lyrics.

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