Thursday, April 5, 2007

UVSC scores another supporter on Board of Regents

The Salt Lake Tribune reports today that former chair of UVSC's Board of Trustees Jack Zenger has been nominated by Gov. Jon Huntsman to the all-powerful State Board of Regents. Zenger will be replacing Michael Jensen, a lawyer from Price. His nomination will need to be confirmed by the state senate.

Zenger will join Marlon "No High School Diploma" Snow on the Board, and the two will be the only representatives from Utah County. Still, that is one more than UVSC had yesterday.

According to the Board of Regents website Snow's term is ending this June. It will be interesting to see if Huntsman replaces him with another Utah County resident. Might we recommend Jeff "Pee Wee" Alexander, who recently retired from the legislature and probably wouldn't mind working a few days a month.

Regents get paid next to nothing (a travel per diem for their monthly meetings) but they hold positions of incredible influence and are treated like kings by schools looking to curry their favor. They also get to rub shoulders with Utah's best and other words, it's a pretty good deal.

The Board is made up of fifteen regents, each appointed by a governor to a six-year term. The Chair appoints two non-voting members to serve unspecified terms. There is also a vote for the student regent, which is chosen every year and is usually a former student body president. Historically Salt Lake City has had the most representation on the board. Currently there are eight regents from Salt Lake serving on the Board.


The Pipeline said...

The Pipeline got a chance to speak with Big Bill Sederburg on Thursday of this week about the Zenger appointment. He seemed quite pleased about having another supporter on the Board of Regents and is confident that Gov. Huntsman will re-instate Marlon Snow for another 6 years when his appointment ends in June of this year.
Sederburg said it will be nice to have at least two voices on the board (he thinks another is possible) even though "it seems all the heavy lifting has been done" reffering of course to university status. But he was quick to acknowledge that UVSC will surely face new battles in the future.

The Pipeline said...

UVSC finally issued their press release concerning Zenger's appointment. The Daily Herald picked it up the story two days later.