Friday, January 12, 2007

UVSC students protest Bush's Iraq plan

Today's Daily Herald featured a short piece on a small student protest at UVSC concerning President Bush's new plan for Iraq. You can find the artilce here. While The Pipeline applauds these 5 students courage to stand up against the majority, we think the Herald has a vested interest in making a small event into something much bigger...As the state legislature gets ready to start their session, and with UVSC's future in the balance, The Herald can do a lot to rile the electorate against UVSC and their quest for university status.

The problem is that UVSC is facing enough detractors from outside the valley. Too much eroding of Utah County support, as we saw in 2005 with the DLC, results in UVSC getting left out in the cold. And a very vocal minority in this county has made it quite clear that their support is based on UVSC's behaivor.

Just yesterday The Herald ran a letter from a vocal local who brought up the ghosts of liberal past, complaining of Michael Moore and The Vagina Monologues...and how such attrocities deserve the county's scorn.

But if there is a knock-down-drag-out over all this stuff, The Herald will have all their stories written for them for the next two months. Be on the lookout for more UVSC coverage from both the Herald and The D News in the next few weeks, especially things that conservatives can point to and scream "liberal bias". Trust us...the storm is coming.

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