Saturday, January 6, 2007

Sederburg to give State of the College Address

UVSC president Bill Sederburg sent out a GroupWise e-mail this past Wednesday informing all about his State of the College address. Since coming to the college Sederburg has given his annual State of the College address, usually coinciding with President's State of the Union. This year's address will be on Tuesday January 30 at 1pm in the Ragan Theater.

You can usually count on a few things from Ol' Billy Boy's speeches. Expect a lot of bad jokes and plenty of genuflecting to the State Legislature. And this time around you will definitely hear about the school's recent fundraising successes, the Digital Learning Center construction, and of course the push towards University.

In fact by the time of Sederburg's speech we will be already two weeks into the 45-day legislative session, and by then there might be some clearer indications if University status is in UVSC's immediate future. An article in Friday's Deseret Morning News says that Senate President John Valentine is making UVSC's transition to university his top priority. Valentine has said he would like to get a commitment from the state this year for the extra $10 million in ongoing funding that the school needs and would also like to set July 2008 as the date when UVSC would become a university.

Expect Sederburg to rally behind that date, and set priorities for that $10 million. Don't be surprised if he names the new Academic Vice President during his address (if he hasn't already by that time) and don't be surprised if Brad Cook's successor is a woman, non-LDS, and from outside Utah. One administrator close to the Prez has indicated that Sederburg might do just that. Stay tuned.

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