Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Legislature listens to UVSC's request for additional funding

Stories in both the Deseret Morning News and The Daily Herald focus on UVSC's bid for university status and the money they are asking for to make that a reality. The story in the D News seems to be a much more informitive and balanced piece...and the one in the Herald is just plain awful.

On Monday UVSC president Bill Sederburg went before the Utah Legislature and laid out his case for the school's move to University status and the money that will be needed to accomplish such a transition. Utah's commissioner of higher education Richard Kendell joined Big Bill in the hot seat and reassured legislators that UVSC would remain a teaching university and avoid the temptations to creep toward a research institution.

This pledge to remain a "teaching university" may come back to bite as critics of the school's "far-left secular agenda" can point to any faculty research that doesn't please them and accuse them of "mission creep". Don't think it can't happen.

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